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                  Medical Travel Insurance 
Single Trip plans
                  Annual Multi-Trip plans
                  Annual Major Medical plans
                  Group Coverage
                  Hazardous Sports Coverage
                  Optional Benefits available

         Trip Cancellation and Interruption
         Cancel for Work Related reasons
         Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
         Annual Trip Cancellation plans
         Optional Benefits available

                                   Emergency Evacuation 
How it works
                  Emergency Medical Reunion

                    New Features and Additions 
    Cancel for Any Reason           
          New IMG short term medical policy

                                           Most often asked questions
Why should I buy Medical Travel Insurance?
                 What is the difference between Medical Travel and Trip Cancellation
                 Insurance ?
                 How does Trip Cancellation Insurance work ?
Why should I use to buy my Travel Insurance ?
Will the insurance companies pay the doctors and hospitals directly?
                 What should I do if I become ill or injured on a trip?
                 How quickly can I expect to receive my policy?
                 How do I go about buying a policy?

                 What methods of payment are available ?
                 Are there medical travel ins plans that will cover 'pre-existing' medical
                 conditions ?

                 Are there any trip cancellation plans designed specially for golf trips ?
                 I am a scuba diver. Can I purchase medical coverage if my trip includes
                 scuba diving ?
                 Is there any way to do a quick comparison of available medical travel
                 insurance plans ?
                 In order to get a visa, I'm required to get medical insurance and a letter.
                 How do I do this ?
                 When would I want to select a Short Term International Medical
                 Travel Insurance policy ?
What is the shortest term available for Short Term International
                 Medical Travel Insurance purchasers ?
I am a U.S. citizen.  My spouse and children are not U.S. citizens but do
                 live with me in the U.S.   Can I put all of us on the same application ?
                 What is meant by "Home Country" and why is it important?


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